Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4 Tips for Effective Internet Research in the Information Age

By Stephanie Meharg, CP

A typical case research assignment begins for me something like this: Stephanie, please find for me everything you can on this company, or industry, or potential expert, or lawyer, or judge.  I think they might be somewhere out west, maybe Arizona.  Now you know what I know. Go!

So where is a busy paralegal to turn when faced with this assignment?   Most companies have a website these days, most experts are affiliated with a university, there’s www.martindale.com for attorneys, Google, Wikipedia, Bing, and EVERYONE has a Facebook account.  Easy right?  Not always.  People, need I remind you that this is the information age.  There is a TON of stuff out there.  Finding what is relevant and useful in a vast sea of  “everyone’s got an opinion and a computer” is pretty daunting.  You can easily find yourself running in circles.  So where do you start?